remembering Della Mae Mills

Today, we remember you my sweet Gammy. The way you always smelled of oil-of-olay face lotion and how you would purse your lips and chuckle when something really tickled you. Our many sleepovers and late night chats, and hours upon hours of playing “store” in your living room. Memories of feeding the ducks together and the palette on the floor where we’d watch “Nick at Night” – the way we laughed and laughed at “Laverne and Shirley”. Waking up to extra cheesy velveta grits and watching you make your amazing homemade dumplings, you and your kitchen all covered with flour. The way your apartment always smelled of a combination of your gas stove and Estee Lauder perfume. I loved that smell. I loved those days.

In the later years, when your memory faded your spunk still shone through. Your frail little hands neatly clasped and your tiny little voice. The way you nestled into me when I hugged you and your “thank you” in response to my “I love you” but I always knew what you meant. The way it felt when out of the blue you would say “you’re my girl" and melt my heart.  These years were not easy but they were full of love and we were in them together.

You are a part of my soul sweet Gam. I see you in the azalea blooms and the cardinals all around our backyard. I see you in my mom when she cooks your favorite recipes and hear you in those quirky sayings we picked up from you. I feel you in my heart when I say my prayers at night and remember how you taught me that - you taught me to pray and love God, family, and food. My dearest Gammy you will be greatly missed and always cherished. Today we celebrate you and the beautiful family you raised and the sweet memories we share.

Della Mae Mills November 27, 1930 - April 4, 2014
In honor of Della, please help support the Alzheimer’s Association: Click to Donate
Thank you all for your kindness, love, and support. 
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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE This my sweet Lauren! You were one in a million in Gammy's eyes. She always knew there was something extra special about her "Laurie Del". thank you for being such a beautiful person and a wonderful caregiver to your Gammy through these last years.



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