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Hello friends! With it being the start of a new year and my ninth year blogging (wow, what!?) I wanted to take a second to thank those of you that have been following along and introduce myself to those of you who may be new. I'm Lauren - I am an interior designer, home stylist, blogger and most recently a stay at home mom. I love sharing my inspirations, adventures and tips here on my blog.

The posts here on Something Lovely look quite different these days. When I first started this little blog of mine I was a recent grad looking for my voice in the design world. Over the years, it has evolved alongside my life and I've shared everything from design and inspiration to travel, marriage, moving, pregnancy and most recently motherhood. Something lovely has become my diary that I share with the world, it is my hobby, my creative writing outlet and how many of my friends and family keep tabs on me. I love hearing from people who follow along, from childhood friends to businesses and fellow bloggers, I am always flattered and sometimes shocked. I recently realized just how much of my life has been chronicled here and how fun it is to look back and see what I was sharing or experiencing one, two, or even eight years ago. So much has changed and in a way so much has stayed the same. Something Lovely has grown and changed with me and I am grateful that I still truly enjoy blogging and write new posts because I have something to share.

For those of you who have been here since the beginning, thank you! For those of you who are new or may have stumbled across my blog, welcome! Lately, the posts seem to be few and far between but I will be sure to continue to share along the way as I embrace motherhood, decorating our edgewood cottage, marriage, family, friends, and all of the lovely moments in between!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We're getting back to reality over here after a wonderful Christmas with family and a little beach getaway to ring in the new year. We spent a few nights down in Seagrove beach and it was so wonderful to slow down and relax, just the three of us. Max and Mills got such special uninterrupted time together and our little man is just changing so rapidly before our eyes. Everyone always said "they grow up so fast" but my god they weren't kidding. Just since last week, Mills has two teeth popping through, he has started sitting up on his own and is fascinated with touching everything in sight. With so many firsts, it got me thinking about all of the things we've done for the last time with him (like his last sink bath - big boy loves the tub now!) and how much he has changed which made my mama heart so happy and nostalgic all at once. On one hand, I miss those newborn grunts and swaddling my tiny boy and on the other, it's so amazing to get to know his little personality and watch him learn and explore the world around him, and of course I think of all of the mamas out there who would give anything to see their babies grow and change. So along with my typical new year's resolutions of healthy eating, exercising blah blah my goal for this year, and for all of motherhood, is to cherish the stages and moments as they happen because each stage, good and bad, is precious and fleeting and I'm so grateful to be mama to this growing, changing boy. Here's to a new year full of savoring the special moments, big and small.


On my radar // Baby's First Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and we've already been stocking up on gifts for baby Mills' first Christmas! It is just so fun to buy him things and watch him as he discovers a new toy or activity, and with so much baby gear out there I really have to rein it in. Since he'll only be 6 months old it's really more for me and Max at this point but it's still oh so fun. I'm getting so sentimental just thinking about it! These are a few of the things on my radar for baby boy's first Christmas including toys, books, clothes, something useful, something to grow into, and something personalized!

Bumpkins sleeved bib + Happy Mat :: we're starting baby foods soon so and I hear that these are life savers

First Years Stack Up Cups :: the simple toys are always his favorite

Fisher Price Classic Infant Trio + Maxim Preschool Collection ABC Block Set :: can't go wrong with the classics

Little Tikes 2 -in- 1 Snug 'n Secure Grow With Me Swing :: this will be so fun come spring

Cuddle + Kind Benedict the Bunny :: is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen!? These precious little dolls are hand-knit and help feed children - for every doll sold, they give 10 meals to children in need. 

Carl's Christmas :: Carl books are just so sweet - my mom collected them and I can't wait to share them with Millsy

Cloud Island Play Mat :: the perfect little comfy spot for tummy time in our living room or on the go

Footed Thermal One Piece :: we love Old Navy's soft (and affordable) baby onesies

Vans Slip On Crib Shoe :: got to have a little california style for this boy

Joovy Spoon Walker :: I debated between this and the skip hop activity center but I figure this gives him mobility and has a big enough tray for all his favorite toys. Can't wait to see him wheeling around the house in this thing!

Sharp Tooth Studio Custom Name Pennant :: this little etsy shop has the cutest pennants - perfect for gifting

What's on your Baby's First Christmas list?



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