On My Radar // Wicker + Rattan

One of my very favorite pieces of furniture is a wicker hutch that I got off the side of the road - one of my elderly neighbors was getting rid of it and it is fabulous! Despite Max's disgust we took it home and after a quick wipe down and lysol spritz it was good as new. 

Of course rattan and wicker decor has been around for decades but this trend is having a major moment right now. You can find beautiful retro-inspired pieces at almost every retailer these days - Anthropologie, West Elm, Ikea, Target, you name it! Of course there's no place like Etsy and vintage shops to get the real deal - pieces that are actually from the 60s and 70s.

It's funny how things that are old become new again and the trends cycle on. Let it be a lessson learned - never get rid of anything that your husband says is "old and gross" because it just might be your new favorite piece! (Another lesson - "rattan" refers to the material and "wicker" is the technique. Thanks google!)


Living Room Sneak Peek

We're settling into life in Long Beach and loving our new place! It's still a work in progress but I wanted to share a little sneak-peek of our living room space with you. Eventually we will get a real sofa but for now the futon that I've had since middle school has made it's way with us to California. Really getting our money's worth on that ole thing!It's amazing to see how different our furnishings look in our new space - the soft grey-blue walls, dark floors, and abundant natural light really makes our rug pop! Bruce and our lime tree are loving our bright and sunny window and we're finally starting to adjust to the no-a/c lifestyle. Stay tuned for more on our new home! 


Long Beach here we come!

Hey, remember me? Sorry I've been gone so long. Life has been crazy and moving at warp speed. Next week we'll be loading up the moving truck and making the road trip West. 

We found the most adorable apartment in the beautiful Belmont Shore neighborhood of Long Beach so Bruce and I will be moving in next weekend and Max will join us in June.  We can't wait to make Belmont Shore our new home (I just love this little map illustration of our new neighborhood)

It has been such a whirlwind but in the best way. I am thrilled for this new adventure and can't wait to discover our new neighborhood and all that California has to offer. I suspect things will look a little different here on the blog and plan to share all of my discoveries with you. California here we come!



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