Edgewood Cottage Update // How to Mix and Match Dining Chairs

It's been a while since I've shared our progress on our Edgewood Cottage and you may remember this post with my inspiration for our mix and match dining chairs. I have to admit I was a bit worried it was going to turn out to be a total hodgepodge but I am so happy with the final look! We still have a long way to go for this dining space... the rug is too narrow, the chandelier is outdated and too high, the tiny white console has got to go and I would love a large scale buffet and mirror or artwork above... but I want to take my time to find the perfect pieces that I truly love. Once we have everything else in place I think it will be the eclectic, collected look I've been dreaming of. Until then, we're loving our mix and match chairs and even added a highchair for baby Mills which we are so happy blends in with the rest of our home. Achieving the mix and match look without it feeling random can be tricky, so here are a few tips for how to get the look:Keep the scale consistent :: go for chairs that are similar in scale and have relatively the same seat and back height. The consistency of scale will help tie together the variety of shapes and finishes.
Go for sets of three :: having three of the same chair, spaced diagonally from one another, will help it from feeling too random. For example, since we need 8 total chairs I chose to do 3 natural wood, 3 dark walnut, and 2 black - this way I can space them out "randomly" but still have visual balance (we swapped out one of the natural wood chairs for the natural wood high chair but you get the idea).

Consider the style, era and material :: while I love an eclectic look, grouping chairs of all different colors materials or styles can feel overwhelming and disjointed. Using chairs with a thread of similarity will help it feel intentional.

And just like any home or decorating project, just give it a try and see how it feels. You may have to tweak or change it up but that's what makes it fun! Stay tuned for more progress - because I have the spring cleaning / home refresh bug something serious.


8 Clever Design Ideas For A Quick Room Refresh // Guest Post by Decor Aid

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we’re Décor Aid, an international interior design firm based in NYC. We focus on matching you with the best interior designer for your needs, pulling from a roster of over 500 designers that work with us worldwide. We’re excited to pass along a little interior design insight from our expert designers for the Something Lovely readers. Read on for a few smart and skillful tips to upgrade your room with ease.

8 Clever Design Ideas For A Quick Room Refresh

The idea of renovating a room often sends many people’s heads into a tailspin of ‘how much will this cost?’, ‘how do I choose a style?’ and ‘where do I start?’. But a room update doesn’t always imply a huge upheaval or a painstaking redesign that requires an outrageous budget. Oftentimes, you can completely change the appearance of your room by implementing small—but smart—changes throughout the space.

No matter if you’re looking to update your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any other type of room you might have in your home, these are tips that are universal in modifying any space. Find inspiration with some of these clever ideas and see big changes.

1. Paint the Trim
When we choose a paint color for a room, we’re often too focused on the main wall color to notice that the trim can transform the look of the space, too. Most people commonly go with a white trim, as it’s bound to match any color. However, if you’re looking to breathe new life into your space but still get enjoyment out of your wall color, consider repainting the trim in a new color.

One of the most simple but effective tricks can be seen in a white wall with a black trim, which brings drama and depth through contrast. But you aren’t limited to neutrals— try colors that you wouldn’t normally consider, like red, turquoise, or aubergine, which are some of our interior designers’ favorites. Those with a blank white wall have the holy grail, with every opportunity to choose an unexpected color and seamlessly bring in a vibrant new shade. Be a little bit more adventurous with your color and see how it changes the room.

2. Add Vibrancy
In the same vein, don’t be afraid to invite a bold new color into the space. A trend on the horizon to take notice of is the addition of unapologetically vibrant colors, like yellow, teal, magenta, or red. This ads a punch of color that expresses your own style, and guests will consider your design all the more bold for it. You’d be surprised at how a room can still appear elegant, put-together and sophisticated even with the inclusion of a loud color. The trick is in the edit. You should consider using either a handful of small objects or accents in a bold new shade, or stick to a single large-scale statement piece, like a sofa or a lounge chair.

3. Replace Hardware
Instead of tossing an outdated credenza, redoing your cabinets, or investing in new bedside tables, refurbish them with new handles, knobs, or drawer pulls. For a modern, minimalistic look, our designers prefer flat bar handles or pulls fashioned in brass or gold. This also gives you the freedom to better match your metals to to the current shade of the piece, or repaint as to give the whole thing a new look. You’ll find many knobs are decorative, with ornate details painted into them, so leaving your pieces as a blank slate is also no problem.

4. Incorporate Some Feng Shui
The most cost effective option on this list, feng shui can breathe new life into your home with simple rearrangements and improvements to flow. Feng shui uses the idea of energy to create harmony within an environment, which can be performed by arranging your furniture in a particular way. Reconsider the layout of your home, and incorporate elements from feng shui into it to create a better flow to elevate your home. This can be as simple as maximizing the amount of natural light you get while sitting on your couch, or feeling more in harmony with your household by repositioning chairs.

5. Use Lamps as Art
While lamps add necessary and valuable light, there are numerous creative options that mimic the appearance of a piece of sculptural art. Include a new piece that’s functional and appealing to the eye with a unique lamp that adds to the overall interior design of your space. Filling an end table or bringing life to an empty space has never looked so bright with an element that truly catches the eye.

6. Add Floating Shelves
If you’re looking to maximize your available space and make your accessories appear a bit more organized, look to floating shelves. Floating shelves are more pared down and sleek looking than a traditional shelf with exposed hardware, and it gives you the opportunity to bring a bare wall to life. While a piece of art may take up the same amount of wallspace, with floating shelves you’re able to include more photos, books, or trinkets, in a more organized fashion within the same amount of space. It’s an excellent way to streamline and reimagine your decor while freeing up room.

7. Include Graphic Elements
Graphic elements are huge in the world of contemporary design trends. You’ll find many wallpapers going for bold shapes, rugs featuring geometric lines, and art getting more and more minimalistic but remaining just as eye-catching. Graphic shapes are taking over in all forms of design and decor, with pared down colors like black and white being used to supplement the rest of a room. This modern twist on patterns and prints is striking and always attracts the eye. Simplicity is key, but keep your lines bold and your colors loud. If you’re looking to amp up your room, include a graphic print in your room. Our designers recommend a geometric wallpaper on an accent wall or a handful of bold but minimal throw pillows.

8. Layer Your Rugs 
This is a relatively new trend that has increased in popularity within the last few years. Layering your rugs helps to better designate spaces and the lines that dictate them, but also allows you to have your cake and eat it too when choosing rugs. One of our designers’ favorite methods to adding a little extra glam to a space is to layer a faux fur rug on top of a more traditional Persian rug, so that the solid fur lays over the pattern in a way that is appealing to the eye. Layered rectangular rugs can also bring some more visual order, and give the illusion of a space within a space.

For more information, inspiration and interior design tips visit Decor Aid and Decor Mag.


Hello and Welcome

Hello friends! With it being the start of a new year and my ninth year blogging (wow, what!?) I wanted to take a second to thank those of you that have been following along and introduce myself to those of you who may be new. I'm Lauren - I am an interior designer, home stylist, blogger and most recently a stay at home mom. I love sharing my inspirations, adventures and tips here on my blog.

The posts here on Something Lovely look quite different these days. When I first started this little blog of mine I was a recent grad looking for my voice in the design world. Over the years, it has evolved alongside my life and I've shared everything from design and inspiration to travel, marriage, moving, pregnancy and most recently motherhood. Something lovely has become my diary that I share with the world, it is my hobby, my creative writing outlet and how many of my friends and family keep tabs on me. I love hearing from people who follow along, from childhood friends to businesses and fellow bloggers, I am always flattered and sometimes shocked. I recently realized just how much of my life has been chronicled here and how fun it is to look back and see what I was sharing or experiencing one, two, or even eight years ago. So much has changed and in a way so much has stayed the same. Something Lovely has grown and changed with me and I am grateful that I still truly enjoy blogging and write new posts because I have something to share.

For those of you who have been here since the beginning, thank you! For those of you who are new or may have stumbled across my blog, welcome! Lately, the posts seem to be few and far between but I will be sure to continue to share along the way as I embrace motherhood, decorating our edgewood cottage, marriage, family, friends, and all of the lovely moments in between!



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