Family Photos with Rachel and Noah Ray

I love family photos and think it's so special to document the milestones and precious moments in your life. When Mills was born I couldn't wait to have photos taken of him. Since he was a preemie we weren't able to do newborn photos but by four months he was healthy enough for visitors and it turned out to be the perfect time to capture his little personality. We were so excited to work with Rachel and Noah Ray who did our engagement and wedding photos - it was like being reunited with old friends! They did such a beautiful job and captured such sweet moments with our precious Mills. We love their ability to capture real moments as they unfold as well as the details of our home and this special time in our lives. They took so many great photos, these are just a few of my favorites of our family, our home and sweet Mills at 4 months.

Thank you Rachel and Noah - we will cherish these forever! 

// Find our more about Rachel and Noah here - we cannot recommend them enough! //

Edgewood Cottage // Mix and Match Dining Chair Inspiration

We've been in our home five months now and with things finally settling into a bit of a routine, we're starting to work on getting it just the way we want it! One of the things we loved most about our little edgewood cottage is that it's old (built in 1949) but updated enough that we don't need to do much - just some loving touches and the fun stuff. Of course I'm already dreaming of a total kitchen remodel and adding on an outdoor room but for now it's all about the furniture and details. 

First on our list was a front porch swing and I love it so much - it's such a great spot to spend the evening, swinging and watching the neighborhood kids play in the front yards. Next, we replaced our tiny little ikea sofa with a big comfy sectional and now the whole family can stretch out and lounge comfortably together and it's amazing! Up next is our dining room - we're hosting Thanksgiving this year so we want to be sure we have plenty of space for the whole family. We got a beautiful farm table that seats eight and have been using four hand-me-down chairs until we figured out exactly what we wanted. While I originally thought we would get all new matching chairs, the hand-me-down chairs have really grown on me so we're planning to keep those four and add in a variety of vintage inspired chairs (only because I wasn't able to find actual vintage ones in good shape). I have always loved the eclectic mix-and-match look and after finding these beautiful collected dining room spaces as inspiration I don't think I can do it any other way! Achieving the casual and collected look without it feeling random or haphazard can be tricky and it is so hard to pull the trigger on decisions for my own home but I have a feeling I am going to love it. Stay tuned for an update on how it turns out and tips for how to get the look!

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Babies don't keep : Some much needed perspective in the morning mirror

When I look at my sweet Mills I feel like he is getting so big - that tiny little fragile bird that I once knew is now a chunky, smiley, chatty little infant! (Time slow down!) But this morning as I walked by the mirror in our guest room and caught a glimpse of mills all snuggled up on my chest I realized just how tiny he really still is, and in true Mills Harry fashion he flashed his precious grin. This is not normally the type of photo I would share here on the world wide web but in that moment I got a dose of perspective that I so desperately needed - stop worrying, these are the moments that matter, start savoring every minute.

As a new mom, I'm realizing more and more that the days are long but the years are short.  I get so consumed with his development and his growth and what I should be doing to help him along the way - is it time to drop the swaddle? Paci or thumb? Did he get a long enough nap? Did he get enough play time? Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? The list goes on and on. I get so focused on doing everything just right that I forget to really take him in and be there in the moment. This is my biggest fault - overplanning and overthinking instead of just being present.

Parenthood is exhausting and overwhelming, beautiful and rewarding and the most incredible gift and responsibility I've ever had. Babies don't keep and this little one is growing right before my eyes. When I stop to really take him in I realize that I will never get this day or this moment with him again and it makes me just want to soak up every second. So I'm going to spend less time worrying about all the ways I might mess him up and instead hold him a little longer, snuggle him a little tighter, lean on my instincts more than google and embrace those middle of the night feedings because some day, sooner than I want to admit, he will be a rough tough little boy who doesn't want to snuggle up in my arms like he used too.

So thank you guest bedroom mirror, for giving me a glimpse at my beautiful tiny boy and reminding me to soak up every second.


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