Threshold Spring 2014 + tips for hosting the perfect party

I don't know about you, but this Target commercial makes me want to host a backyard party. The lighting, the fire pit, the mix and match furniture... it's all so warm and welcoming! There's no denying Sara Ruffin Costello has great style and I love getting a behind the scenes look at her hosting tips. Oh Target, you've done it again! Check out Sara's top 5 tips for the perfect party here.

Speaking of parties, I have a backyard party of my own in the works. In a few weeks, we'll be celebrating my boyfriend Max's graduation from medical school with a low country crawfish boil. I love entertaining and can't wait to have our friends and family gather to celebrate this huge accomplishment. I've been pulling together ideas and inspiration and can't wait to share them all with you! For now, here are a few of my party hosting tips ::

1 | Mood music :: a great playlist is essential to setting the vibe for a party.  Be sure to balance out your playlist with a mix of upbeat on-trend tunes and slower soft songs. Keep in mind the theme of your party and go for music that suits the occasion. A great playlist can make a party! 

2 | Decorate + style accordingly :: the most important thing when hosting a party is for your guests to be comfortable and enjoy themselves. Be sure your home is decorated and styled in a way that makes your guests feel welcome to lounge and linger. Put away anything that may be breakable or fragile and don't be afraid to swap out your finer things for more casual, party-friendly pieces.

3 | Flexible seating :: be sure there is plenty of flexible seating so that guests can easily pull up a chair and join in on a conversation or group. Set up a few different seating groups and leave some free floating chairs. The more natural and comfortable your guests feel the easier the night will flow. 

4 | Food + drinks :: be clear about the food and drink situation and be sure there is enough to replenish as the night goes on. Show your guests where everything is and be sure everyone feels welcome to dig in! Nobody wants to have to ask...

5 | Break the ice :: no matter how great the host, the first few minutes of any party can be awkward. Have an ice breaker like a pet, photos, or a game to help start conversations and get your guests into the groove.

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