happy new year

New years is a time of year full of excitement and resolutions to live healthier and happier in the upcoming year. Each year, comes the unavoidable pressure to make New Years Eve a night to remember, and with all of the options, it requires a great deal of planning to coordinate a group of 20 somethings. After much debate and research, my friends and I opted for a more low key approach; my boyfriend Max and I went along with my life long friends Maggie, Callaway, and Natalia and their boyfriends Walker, Thomas and Worth to lake Oconee for the weekend. From the minute we arrived, we had a weekend filled with laughter. Ringing in the new year with fireworks and champagne at the ritz, and a new years day full of football and lounging on the couches together made for a perfect getaway. No $125 cover charge, no drama filled cab ride home, just fun, friends, food and lots of laughter. Hopefully there will be many more weekends like this in 2011, but with Kate and Niko too! 


  1. I remember seeing you guys the other night at the Ritz! Looks like you were having a great time!


  2. A smart idea! Good food, good friends and good times! Happy New Year



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