weekend treasures

I have always been a fan of antiques and flea market finds; many of my favorite things were handed down from family, found at a yard sale or flea market, or even from the side of the road.  These pieces often have a story; it's as if you can feel the love from their past through the signs of wear over the years. These imperfections show their history and value, making them even more meaningful. 

This past weekend, my mom and I visited the estate sale of one of our elderly neighbors who recently moved into assisted living. This woman had lived in this particular house the majority of her life and had many amazing treasures. A vintage ceramic cookie jar, beautiful printed antique tablecloths, and "french onion" soup bowls, just like the ones my grandmother always used, were among the pieces we collected this weekend. It's true what they say: "one man's trash, is truly another man's treasure".

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