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We all know what to expect with the evening news; all of the drama and negativity from the day highlighted over a 30 minute news segment. For this very reason, I rarely watch the news.  I prefer to keep it light, leaving my news to E and Ryan Seacrest. Tonight however was different, as my mom watched the news there were two refreshing stories that caught me by surprise and brought tears to my eyes.

ABC World News ran a heartwarming story of Sam Parker, an 8 years old who was born with cerebral palsy and does not speak. His family lives in a 2 story house, and recently his parents have been unable to carry him upstairs at night to his bedroom. After reaching out for help, the Parker family received an unlikely volunteer; Rudy Favard a 17 year old senior football player. Rudy comes by 3-5 nights a week to carry Sam upstairs and put him to bed each night. This simple task has changed the lives of the Parker family and brought joy and love to their hearts, and Rudy's too.

Among the celebrity fashion police and royal wedding watch was a touching story from Entertainment Tonight. Ted Williams was recently recognized on YouTube as the "homeless man with the velvet voice". After battling drugs and alcohol, Williams found himself homeless; one thing he still had control of however was his deep announcer voice. While panhandling on the streets of Ohio, a local news reporter noticed him and spread his story. Now, amazingly, William's life has transformed as he is being interviewed and featured by news programs, reunited with his 92 year old mother, and offered jobs from countless companies- ESPN, Kraft and radio shows to start. This man's rebound story is one of hope for all of those out there who have struggled to get a second chance.

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