not your local starbucks

We all love our local coffee shops and many of us have a mild to moderate Starbucks addiction. Coffee shops are associated with the warm aroma of fresh coffee and the expected array of consumers reading the local paper or on their laptops. D'ESPRESSO, a New York coffee brand, took that idea to a design extreme incorporating this literary theme and flipping the coffee shop idea- literally!

Even as a passerby, you immediately see this shocking design shift. Using wood "flooring" on the far left wall and lighting fixtures and white "ceiling" material on the far right wall, this shop has been flipped onto it's side, creating the illusion of a shop that was literally turned 90*. The most intricate and eye catching aspect of this 420 sq-ft space is the sideways vintage faux bookcases that run along the true floor, up the back wall, and across the ceiling. Using this sepia tone bookcase screen printing, white fixtures, clear seating, and no other design colors or materials, D'ESPRESSO is far from boring. What a concept!

Featured in the nov/dec issue of Contract Magazine, D'ESPRESSO is owned by Eugene Kagansky and was designed by Anurag Nema. See the full article at: Contract Magazine

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