gimme some sugar

On a Saturday morning stroll with Max through Crestline Village, in Birmingham Alabama, a particular store window caught my eye.  A lime green and white striped awning overtop a window framed in white leather upholstery with silver nail heads lured my gaze into a real-life, local, candyland. A rainbow of colors and mouth watering treats lined the walls of this new delicious addition to Crestline, appropriately named, "Sugar". Using a canvas of white, and some well thought out lighting, this store used the bright colored candy as it's decor. Candies of all sorts in ever flavor imaginable, and tables with vases and bowls overflowing with lollipops, pixie sticks and nerd ropes, turn this small spaces into a sweet tooth's dream. Serving "southern snow" shaved ice, "fried egg" gummies, and tooth brushes at the checkout, Sugar has definitely found it's niche. All they need is shnozberry flavored wallpaper and there you have it- a modern day, modernly styled, willy wonka! 

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  1. You are so right, a feast for the eyes. A photographer's delight!



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