Couples Shower Recap

These beautiful ladies threw Max and I the most amazing couples shower a couple of weeks ago! We had such a great group of friends and family come out to celebrate us and it was amazing to have so many people we love all in one place. My aunt Leisa, who shares my passion for design and home decor, hosted the event in her beautiful home in Atlanta and there was no shortage of amazing food, cocktails, and laughter. Everything was just beautiful! Everyone kept saying what great friends Max and I have and it's so true, we really do have the best friends and family you could ask for. Anytime you get this group together, it's sure to be a great time! We felt so loved all day and are so grateful to our amazing friends and family for giving us such a special couples shower. We can't wait to have the gang back together again in a few short months for our wedding! 

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  1. All so wonderful. We had a great time and so excited about all that is to come. The wedding!! Yay:)



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