Room Crush // 4 reasons I love this interior

You know that feeling when you see a picture of an interior and it just feels good? It may not be something you can clearly identify but it just overall feels like the kind of space that you love or wish you could have in your own home? Well, that’s how I feel about this image. I’ve tried to really think through what specifically draws me to this space. What makes it feel good to me? Well, here are a few things I came up with...

Warm white walls :: I love a space with clean, crisp, all white walls. Not the blue-undertone white that feels cold but the soft warm white that makes everything pop, like in this space. The simplicity of the walls, ceiling, and fireplace being all the same color creates a blank canvas to showcase the furnishings, accessories, and colors throughout the space.

A funky colored sofa and rug :: You almost don’t even notice at first that the sofa is a rich blue velvet. The clean lines and structure of the sofa makes it a classic piece while the color makes it fun and vibrant. This sofa color is picked up in the fabulous rug and together these two pieces absolutely make this space. A great rug always catches my eye.

The balance of masculine and feminine :: At first, this space has a masculine vibe with the large furnishings and warm red, blue, and wood tones but then you notice the pink flowers, lavender and coral throw pillows, and gold accents. I have never been a big fan of overly feminine interiors but I do love a masculine space with soft feminine touches; a space that anyone, male or female, would love.

The real factor :: I always prefer a “real” looking space over a staged one, and this space looks like a place you could truly live in. The furniture looks comfortable and approachable, and the table and mantel aren’t overly adorned with random objects and knickknacks. It’s a space that you could add a new piece to, or leave your shoes on the floor, without ruining “the look”, which I believe is so important.

Do you love this space like I do? What about it stands out to you?

// image via House & Home Magazine February 2014 //

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