On my radar // Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is right around the corner and there are a few fun things on my wishlist this year! The bar is set pretty high because last year, Max surprised me with a lime tree and then on Valentine’s we went to pick up our puppy so, there’s that. While Patagonia’s and planners are always great gifts, my favorite way to celebrate is to try a new restaurant or do something fun with the ones I love most. I’ve been dying to brunch at Dyron’s Low Country – their porch looks so amazing! What’s on your February wishlist?

Shop my list here ::
Aviate ATL hat (I love the black)
Day Designer Planner (for all the exciting things ahead!)


  1. What a great list! That bikini is the cutest-- You are right, perfect for your upcoming bachelorette party! How is that lime tree doing? I really want to get one but don't know how it would do in this climate?

  2. Thanks Meegan! My lime tree has grown and grown over the past year but it hasn't bloomed yet so I haven't been able to polinate it and get limes. I think that it takes a few years? We keep it inside all the time. It's a great plant though and love all our sunlight in our loft!



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