My Favorite Vintage Treasures

I love having a collection of beautiful vintage pieces in my home, especially if it's something that's been passed down from family or that reminds me of those that I love. Camellia prints like this one always make me think of my mom. This one has been living on the 3rd floor of What’s on Second for a few years now and I finally bought it! It’s a beautiful addition to our guest room. I also picked up a few mix and match glass pieces which are perfect for dips, nuts or simply adding height to your tablescape

At a recent girls night I hosted, I got so many compliments on my grandmothers food warming tray and my vintage glass party trays. The warming tray is this old, brown, piece that was my grandmothers; she used it all of the time to keep the food warm at family gatherings and my mom has one that she uses all of the time too. When I moved to Birmingham, my mom gave me my grandmothers and it’s one of my most cherished treasures – perfect for parties! The glass party trays are something that my mom collects and I’ve always thought they are so charming. I’ve started my own little collection and they make even the simplest of gathering feel fancy. 

Remember the china that Max’s Nonnie gave us from this post? Well it has lived in boxes for far too long. Last weekend, I pulled it all out and put it out on display. We’re getting a true china cabinet as a wedding present but until then, I couldn’t just let this beautiful china collection continue to sit in the closet. It actually looks great on this rusted metal and glass shelving piece. It would look beautiful anywhere. Now that it’s out of the boxes, I can’t wait to use it!

I believe that special treasures and family heirlooms like these are what give a home (and a gathering) its warmth. What are your favorite treasures?

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