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If you're anything like me, the idea of planning a wedding was totally overwhelming at first. Thankfully, there are lots of great resources out there to help make it easier. One of those resources is Borrowed & Blue, the online planning resource for couples. Borrowed & Blue came to me for my advice on one of the first stages of the wedding planning process, and asked that I share my engagement photo shoot experience and lessons learned. Below is my Q&A with Borrowed & Blue:

“Something Lovely is just that—a blog that delivers charm, poise, and inspiration time and time again. Add that to Lauren’s savvy local perspective and you’ve got a winning lifestyle blog that we just couldn’t ignore (plus, one glance at her perfectly Birmingham engagement session could get anyone hooked). While Borrowed & Blue might be the expert resource on Birmingham weddings, Lauren can share her firsthand experience on the process. That’s why we are asking her today all about her engagement photoshoot.” - Stephanie, Birmingham Market Specialist

I know you had apprehensions about getting engagement photos taken in the first place. What changed your mind?
Initially, Max and I were against engagement pictures all together. We’d seen so many cheesy, overly staged ones, and that just isn’t us. When we met with Rachel and Noah they explained that doing engagement photos gives you an opportunity to get comfortable with your photographers and in front of the camera to figure out what works and what doesn’t before the big day. This had never occurred to us but made so much sense so we decided to go for it and we’re so glad that we did! 

What did you love about working with Rachel & Noah Ray Photography?
We loved Rachel and Noah from the first time we met them. We just clicked. Having your picture taken can be super awkward but they made us feel so comfortable and made the process fun. We love that they are a husband and wife team—it was so nice to have both the male and female perspective. They have a documentary style approach that focuses on capturing the real moments, not staged ones, which is so important to us.

Where did you end up taking your engagement photos? 
We took our engagement photos in our loft in downtown Birmingham, and a few of our favorite spots around town like What’s on 2nd, 2nd Avenue North, the 24th street bridge, Morris Avenue and Jones Valley Teaching Farm.

What was special about those places/why did you choose them?
We really wanted our engagement photos to capture who we are as a couple and this special moment in our lives. These are all places in our neighborhood that we have loved discovering together and that hold a special place in our hearts. Our loft is our first home together, What’s on 2nd is one of our favorite local gems where we always bring our out-of-town friends, 2nd Avenue North, Morris Avenue, and the 24th street bridge are where we walk our dog, meet new friends, and spend so much of our time, and Jones Valley Teaching Farm is a great local garden where Max and I planted our first garden together! We wanted these photos to be something we can look back on in 20 years and remember this exciting, fun, and special time when we started our life together.

What went into the outfit choices?
Well it was July so heat was a major factor. We wanted to look like ourselves and feel comfortable in what we were wearing while coordinating somewhat so that we would look good against a variety of backdrops. White is always a good choice in my book.

How do you think your engagement photos capture your relationship with Max?
I think what I love most about our engagement pictures is that they really feel like us. We love to laugh and I think you can really tell that from these images. We’re also a bit awkward and I think you can tell that too. They’re real and that’s the best part.

How did Bruce do with the photoshoot? 
Bruce was a trooper! He was more comfortable in front of the camera than Max and me. We love having him in our pictures, he’s just so handsome!

If you had to go back and redo your engagement session, what would you do differently?
NOT do it in the middle of July. It was so hot, we were melting. I would also try to be a little less awkward and giggly but that’s easier said than done.

What would you absolutely do the same?
Everything else! We are so glad that we decided to do an engagement session and loved the experience and the photos. I was surprised by how excited I was the day we got them back, considering we weren’t going to do them at all originally. They’re better than I could have ever imaged.

What advice do you have for couples before they get their engagement pictures taken?
I recently heard some great advice; be sure that your wedding photographer knows what you love about your fiance and your relationship so that they can be sure to capture those moments, and if your wedding photographer isn’t asking these types of questions, run. 

There you have it! Now go choose among the best Birmingham wedding photographers and take Lauren’s advice to have your own dreamy engagement shoot!

// Photography by Rachel and Noah Ray // 

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