Goodbye, McMansion. Hello, historically accurate New Old Houses

There was a great article a while back in the Wall Street Journal - "Looking for a New Old House?" by Dale Hrabi. It turns out McMansions are out and the new old houses are in. Finally someone's speaking my language! There is nothing worse than the new construction neighborhoods with overwhelming scale and hodgepodge architecture. Today, it's more important than ever that architects and designers focus on creating livable homes with authentic architecture that leaves a legacy.

According to Amy Albert, editor of Custom Home, a hankering for authentic traditional residential design is one of 2014's big trends. "People aren't seeking exact replicas of historical houses, they want architectural purity in the elevations and the details, but inside they want connectivity and open floor plans." Discerning homeowners, she said, are demanding that custom builders bone up: "Mixing a Palladian window with a Craftsman column is not going to cut it. Even if people don't have the vocabulary to articulate why it's wrong, they instinctually know it is."

As a designer and someone working in the home building industry, I am so excited to hear that the pre-fab way of life is no longer acceptable and homebuyers are demanding more. Read more on the new old house here: Goodbye, McMansion. Hello, historically accurate New Old Houses 

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