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Happy first day of Spring!! After a long cold winter, I am SO ready to embrace sunnier, longer, warmer days ahead. I've already got the itch to do some spring cleaning and spruce up my space. I wanted to share with you some of my inspiration and a few ways to bring that great spring feeling into your home ...

1 | embrace white walls :: white walls can be so refreshing and are a great way to make your furnishings and accessories pop.
2 | bring in the blooms:: fresh flowers and greenery in your home helps bring some of the wonderful outdoors in and immediately gives a space a fresh feel. Try colored glass or milk glass vases for a fun, crisp look.
3 | layer with color :: in winter we tend to layer with warm textures, for spring try layering colors and patterns. try a bold rug, tablecloth, throw, or artwork. pastels, brights, and geometric prints are a great way make your space pop.
4 | declutter + simplify :: clear off and clear out any unnecessary clutter or things that have collected over the colder months. decluttering and simplifying your accessories will refresh your home and YOU.
5 | add mirrors :: mirrors in your home help to bounce the light around and make your space feel brighter, lighter, and more open.

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