I'm not an evening news kind of person, or really a news person at all. It's all violence, tragedy, doom and gloom which is the last thing I want to start or end my day with. Last night however, I tuned into ABC World News just in time for the "America Strong" feature which shares inspirational and positive news stories of hope and success. The feature story was about two 6-year old pals - Jonah, who has a rare life threatening disease, and his best friend Dylan, who wants to help. Dylan wrote a book called "Chocolate Bar" that is not only heartwarming but changing the life of his best friend and inspiring all those who read it. I couldn't help to share this inspirational story of friendship and hope. Dylan, you are "so chocolate bar".

Learn more about the "Chocolate Bar" book and GSD 1b at chocolatebarbook.com.
Help this cause by purchasing "Chocolate Bar" by Dylan Siegel or So Chocolate Bar merchandise here.

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