Happy Birthday Maggie!

Meet Maggie. Maggie and I have been friends since we first met at good ole’ Fernbank Elementary.  Maggie is the kind of friend who rolls on the floor laughing with you over a funny story and then sends you silly texts about it for days. She’s my friend who had her first kiss on the same night as me, and who I spent hours on the phone with every night in middle school replaying every dramatic and exciting detail. And when I say hours I mean hooours – our parents got us each our own phone lines kind or hours. Maggie is my friend who convinced me to apply to The University of Alabama and who used to come over on Sunday nights in college, when we were both feeling a little homesick, and talk and laugh until we both forgot we were homesick in the first place. And tomorrow, my Maggie will turn 25! To celebrate, we’re heading down to Tuscaloosa for a weekend of tailgating and football with friends. Watch out T-town!

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