A day at the fair

Last weekend Max and I went to the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia and it was AWESOME! We rode the Tilt-a-whirl, the Yoyo, and other dizziness-ensuing favorites. We gawked at the deep fried kool-aid and Oreos while snacking on jumbo corn dogs and onion rings. We got to pet the cows, sheep, horses, and baby chicks, and to top it all off Max won me a teddy bear and bought me a funnel cake. 
What a fun day! I sure do love that guy.

"The award winning Georgia National Fair is held the fifth Thursday after Labor Day and features livestock and horse shows, youth exhibits, home and fine arts competitions, family entertainment, rides, games, fair food, and major concerts."


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    1. We did not but we saw the pick up duck booth! Such a classic - that and the ring the fish bowl and win a fish.



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