a family vacation

Over Labor Day weekend my mom and I took a little vacation to visit my baby brother. Tyler and I are five years apart and have always been thick as thieves. I, being the slightly bossy type, was always his “other mother” and during some of his teenage shenanigans and my being away at college we started to drift apart. But over the past few months, the two of us have been like old times so I was beyond excited to go visit him!

Tyler moved to Ft. Lauderdale Florida after graduating from High school to take some time off and figure out his life’s path. So far, he has done more growing than anyone I know. He has overcome struggles and battles that most people never face. He has found himself a great job where he was recently hired as a full time employee. He has managed to pay his own rent and buy his own groceries each month - which is more than I can say, since my roommate happens to also be my mother. He has made some great friends, paved his own path, and has grown into such an incredible and handsome young man.

I could not be more proud of you Tyler - for the path you have chosen, your determinate and strength, and the person you have become. I had such a great time visiting you and am so glad we got to spend some time together. Miss you every day. Love you for always.

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