front door freshen up

Front doors are one of my favorite things and also one of my biggest pet peeves. Historic wooden doors with heavy door knockers make me weak in the knees but those front doors with etched oval glass... ick! And color? Ooooh color! I love to see a home with a rich and unique front door color - think terra cotta, teal, or pink! Painting your front door is one of the easiest updates you can do to your home and is also one of the most effective. Changing your front door color can give a whole new look. 

The front door says so much about the home, the homeowner, and the neighborhood. In most cases, it the front door is the focal point of the elevation and it definitely leaves a first impression with your guests. 

The color palettes below are a great examples of how you can use an adventurous color while keeping it balanced with the rest of your home. These colors are so rich and vibrant, but even if you prefer a less bold color or tone these tips are helpful for anyone looking to freshen up their front door. 

source: Houzz

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