old and new traditions

Many people have traditions they do each year at Christmas; one of our favorite fun traditions for Christmas morning is "find the pickle". We have a pickle ornament that mom hides in the tree among the other ornaments; the first to find the pickle gets the pickle gift. It's a fun tradition, originating in Germany, that my mom started for us years ago.

This year, the family I babysit for gave me a gift to start a new tradition- the Peppermint Pig. This peppermint pig is placed in the velvet bag, then passed around the table at Christmas Eve. Each person takes a turn sharing a story of prosperity from the year past and then hits the pig with the silver mallet. After everyone has had a turn and told of their past prosperity, the Peppermint Pig is then shared among the table in hopes for prosperity and good fortune for the year to come. This is a fun new tradition that helps us to stop and think about what all we have to be thankful for from the past year, and remember the true spirit of Christmas.

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