Boy oh Boy ...

WE ARE HAVING A BOY!!! We could not be more excited to welcome a sweet baby boy to our family this July! From the moment we found out we were pregnant, Max and I couldn't wait to find out what we were having. I would have been thrilled with a boy or a girl but Max had his heart set on a boy and thought that's what we were having from the beginning. I wasn't sure but with dry hands and a low baby bump I had a suspicion he may have been right. We opted to find out the gender when we did our genetic testing and were so excited to find out that a baby boy was on the way!

I am 26 weeks pregnant and my pregnancy has been happy and healthy so far, of course I've had some nausea, exhaustion, cramping etc. but am thankful to have found more energy as I've gotten farther along and now that my baby bump has really made it's debut it's feeling more and more real every day. I can feel our little man moving and kicking away in there and Max can finally feel him too! We love feeing his kicks together and talking to him. My main pregnancy craving has been apples, of all things, and honey crisps are my fav! I am the type of person that has food cravings normally so during my pregnancy it's actually been more food aversions than cravings (like smokey flavors, some meats, sweet potatoes, onions - yuck!). My sweet husband has been incredibly helpful during my pregnancy - taking on extra chores, giving out back rubs, and taking extra care of bruce. I am so thankful to share this exciting journey into motherhood with so many close friends who are also pregnant right now and so many that are having boys! It's funny how life works out like that. There is just something so special about little boys and I am so excited to be mama to our little man. Max can't wait to have a little buddy and Bruce is so ready to meet his baby brother!

My sweet and incredibly talented friend Nikki of @shewillrunaway (photog, stylist, and creator of neon dive bar) took these maternity photos of us and I could not love them more!! They are so genuine and real and she did such a wonderful job capturing the joy of this amazing moment in our lives here in beautiful California.

Thank you to our amazing friends, family and everyone who has shown us, and our little man, so much love and support! We could not do this without you! Baby T is a lucky BOY!!

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