All the Wedding Feels (and why it was worth it!)

Some little girls dream about their wedding day – what they’ll wear, where it will be, and how they’ll feel like a princess. I am not one of those girls. I dreamed about having a husband, what kind of house we would live in, and being a mom. So for me, planning a wedding was at first a completely overwhelming task. There were many tears shed and breakdowns had, primarily anytime I would receive an estimate back from a vendor or read a compiled list or timeline of all the things to be done. Every time we saw a crazy price or an elaborate proposal we would both ask ourselves “do we really want this”, “do we really care that much?”, “is it really worth it?”. No... we didn't really want the big wedding. No...we didn't really care that much about what kind of flowers we have or how many passed hors d'oeuvres we offer. What we did care about was having a celebration worth remembering, sharing this special moment in our lives with the people we love the most.

When the day finally arrived, after our 21 month engagement, there was such a flood of emotions. There were so many moments during our planning where I was completely overwhelmed and wanted to scrap it all and elope. So many moments where I thought “who cares!”. Not for lack of love or support but from just an overwhelmed feeling about what to do first, when, why, how and what about etiquette, and peoples feelings and budget and ugh! But when it finally got here, the big day we've dreamed about and talked about forever was finally actually here, I really realized that I do care. I care about having the opportunity to celebrate, and be celebrated, with the most important people in our lives. I cared about the memories, the first dance, the feeling of saying vows. I realized that had we skipped all of that I would feel like I missed out, like I got jipped. Sure, there are things that I would change or do differently, but on that day, when all our friends and family gathered in town, I was so glad that they did. So glad to have this special moment in my life to celebrate with my most special people. Yes, there were mix ups and stressful moments but but there was also a rooftop full of people that we love and that love us, celebrating our marriage – and that was worth it.

So without turning this into a wedding blog, (or a diary) I plan to share with you the advice that has helped me through my planning process, the amazing vendors who pulled it all off for us, and any other resource I can think of that may help some of you brides out there who felt like I did. Oh and of course, a million pictures.

Mrs. Thompson

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