How To :: Design tips for a bedroom with off-center windows

A girlfriend of mine just bought her first home and I’ve been helping her with some design ideas for how to overcome the one, off-center window to the side of their bed in the master bedroom...

While there are plenty of great ways to work around this, I tried to come up with a few simple cost effective solutions to utilize the pieces they already have, and add accessories or artwork, instead of buying large expensive furniture pieces (accessories and artwork are easier to change out so it's always a good place to start.). I pulled together images to demonstrate each design suggestion and give her a little inspiration for how to pull it all off. I realized, in my research, that I actually tend to prefer master bedrooms that are a little asymmetrical. So, I wanted to share with you a few design tips for styling a bedroom with off-center windows or one window off to the side:

Tip ONE :: Visually beef up the space over the nightstand, opposite the window, with a collection to create balance. This could be a collection of large scale artwork or a stylized grouping of accessories and décor pieces. Just be sure it’s big enough to make an impact and balance out the window. Go for a similar color story to give it a cohesive look and a greater visual impact like you see here.

Tip TWO :: Create a gallery wall of artwork to fill the space, allowing the window to become a vertical element within the collection. You can do this in a very random, eclectic way or in an orderly arrangement of rows – whichever look you prefer. Try adding a mirror to create a window-like effect, balancing the light or the size/shape of the window. The key here is to be sure the pieces are large enough to visually fill the space on the wall, and avoid a bunch of small pieces. Again, using a similar color story gives it a cohesive intentional look.

Tip THREE :: Embrace asymmetry and use mis-matched nightstands or only one. If you go mis-matched, use a larger one on the side opposite the window will help fill the space and offset the window. Or don’t have a nightstand at all on one side – just leave some space off of the wall and try a wall sconce or standing lamp. The key to asymmetry, is scale and interest.

:: Prefer a simplified, more symmetrical look? Skip all the accessorizing and get an extra tall headboard (in an interesting color or pattern is a plus) and keep the rest simple ::

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