Bathroom Before and After

Behold our new and improved bathroom! 
We decided to try Knoxville Gray by Benjamin Moore and we LOVE it! 

Since moving into our rental house, I have been fighting the urge to paint every room. I would love for it to all be a clean, crisp, bright white but realistically, that’s a lot of work for a place that we may or may not stay in (at least that’s what my fiancé/painter says…) That said, there were a few spaces that HAD to be done and the master bathroom was one of them. It had holes in the wall and was about a million versions of yellowed-white. It’s an unusual space with a vaulted ceiling and skylight  and despite being about a 5x10 space, it actually has some character and way too much potential to leave it that way.

As you may remember from this post, I am loving all these dark navy / almost black hues, and I fell in love with Knoxville Gray by Benjamin Moore but wasn’t sure it would work for the bathroom. Would it be totally overwhelming for such a tiny space? Or would it be the perfect impact it needs? Well, we bit the bullet and we LOVE it! I can’t believe how amazing it looks to have the small space such a dark, rich color. With the natural light, the color changes throughout the day and gives it a great balance of color and depth that makes the white fixtures pop. I couldn’t be happier with it! Now I just want to paint all the other rooms even more…
AFTER - Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray

AFTER - Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray

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