Why I love to move + 5 tips for how you can too

When I shared the news that Max and I were moving with my girlfriends, I completely shocked them when I said “I love to move!”. Turns out, I’m the only one. I will admit, in the throes of toting heavy boxes and furniture I don’t love it so much but, moving is so exciting to me! It’s an opportunity for a fresh start, in a new space, to clear out, get organized, and redecorate – all things I love! Here are a few moving tips to help you love it like I do.

Don’t drag it out :: we signed our contract and moved 2 weeks later. Yes, this was fast but it was fun this way! We got excited and didn’t have time for that to turn into dread or procrastination. I realize this isn’t always possible when you have years’ worth of stuff, children to pack, and schedules to coordinate but, the sooner the better. Don't drag it out!

Get rid of excess :: moving is the perfect opportunity to get rid of stuff that you don’t really need. Donate that crap! If you haven’t worn it, haven’t used it, or don’t cherish it or find it to be beautiful it’s time to go. Be brutal! You’ll be thankful you did when you’re unloading it into your new home.

Get organized :: after all that excess is gone, it’s time to get organized. Start by packing in an organized manner, grouping items that belong together in each room and label the box specifically with that info. Only box what you have to. Use the trash bag trick for hanging clothes, leave stuff in your drawers and just stack them in the truck, use your luggage and laundry baskets to transport bulky items like books etc. Get baskets, bins, and hampers to help maximize your new space and stay organized. A new home is a clean slate. Isn’t that awesome?

Refresh your décor :: it happens to everyone - no time, money, or need to update so you get stuck in a décor rut, but moving gives you a reason to refresh! Instead of replicating your décor in your new home, try mixing it up. Regroup your artwork, move your accessories into a new room, swap out furnishings for a new arrangement or location, try a new paint color, buy a new rug. It’s the perfect time to give your existing décor new life in a new location!

Unpack room by room :: part of what's so stressful about moving is figuring out where to put everything and feeling like you're living out of boxes. Prioritize your unpacking by room so that you will see, and feel, your progress. Shuffle unopened boxes and unplaced pieces into an out-of-sight place like the garage, or basement, or guest room, that way you won't be overwhelmed with what is left to do but instead can focus on the progress of each space. This is also a great way to help refresh your decor. You'll quickly realize the items you didn't even miss and the ones you couldn't wait to get into your new home.

Stay tuned for before and afters and an interior update on our new digs!

// this is one of my favorite pictures from the day I moved from ATL to BHM with Max //

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