3 tips for a lovely thanksgiving table

Aren't these the most beautiful thanksgiving tables?! From light and airy to dark and romantic, there's all kinds of great inspiration for setting your thanksgiving table. I tend to gravitate towards the more colorful, vibrant tablescapes but always love beautiful crisp white china, and there is just something about those deep, rich, jewel tones this time of year! Regardless of your table style, here are a few styling tips to make sure it's lovley: 

Mix and match :: don't be afraid to mix and match. If you like a more classic look, stick with your matching dishes and serve-ware, but mix in a few un-matching accents like napkins or placecards. If you like a more eclectic vibe, mix and match your dishes, serve-ware, accents, and decor, but add a few matching pieces, like candlesticks or drinkware, to give it a cohesive thread.

Use color :: Do you prefer a softer look with subtle pops of color? If you plan to have the food on the table, that may be all the color you need. Balance out soft neutrals and white china with a colorful napkin or floral arrangement. Do you like the colorful look? Try using deep jewel tones in various patterns for vibrancy. Try out colorful china, candlesticks, or a fun runner. Just remember, the trick to mixing colors and patterns is contrast and scale. Don't be afraid of color, even if it's subtle or soft, color is essential!

Vary heights and textures to create balance :: The key to a great tablescape is balance. Varying the height, textures, and colors creates balance and really brings it all together. Organic elements like flowers, greenery, garland, pine-cones, pumpkins are a great way to add texture, color, and interest to your tablescape. Mixing candlesticks and votives of varying heights, draws your eye across the table. Soft linens, offset the harder textures of the table and serveware. Build your tablescape piece by piece, considering these three tips, and it's sure to be lovely!

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