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Well hello there! Sorry for the silence around here. Thing have been a bit of a whirlwind since bringing home our pug baby bruce and we are still adjusting to balancing our busy schedules with puppy parenting. We are loving every minute of it and have been focusing on spending more time at home and together which is always a good thing. With signs of spring all around us, from the birds chirping outside our window to the blooms slowly opening up on the trees that line our street, it’s amazing how time flies. In a short three months, we will have been living together here in Birmingham for a year. It feels like just yesterday Max and I were dreaming of our future together and here we are now – loving life together in Birmingham, growing our little family, and planning our wedding! The simple things are the things I love most. The goodbye kiss each morning, cooking meals together in the evenings, and the planning of our future, together. While our schedules are packed, our days are long, and our to-do lists are growing by the second, it’s the simple joys of our daily lives together that are my greatest joy and our biggest adventure.  

// "live simply" original print by The Painted Arrow //
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