White Faux Taxidermy

I have always been drawn towards home accessories that are a little unusual. I love anything that is a conversation starter so, naturally I fell hard for the faux taxidermy trend. Real taxidermy, no thank you, too depressing and morbid, but an all white, textured resin moose head is something I can really get behind! 

I discovered White Faux Taxidermy on Pinterest and was drawn to their whimsical offerings like the T-Rex, Jackalope, and Shark. With our super high ceilings, we needed something with a little more impact so Mr. Moose with his big ole antlers was the one for us! Having the huge box delivered to our door was half the fun and the biodegradable packing peanuts entertained Max for longer than I'd like to admit. We attached his antlers with a little super glue, to make sure they stayed put, and viola! He is a fabulous addition to our loft! 

Find this Moose and more at White Faux Taxidermy

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  1. I love it! I want one now.

  2. I love it! Real taxidermy makes me so sad, but I love how it's a statement piece for the wall.

  3. I also love unusual home decor and the Moose is the cutest!

  4. I am all about finding different pieces for the home! I love this and that it is animal friendly. I am with you, real taxidermy is sad and creepy.

  5. Blogger is eating up all of my comments. The Moose Head is perfect and your gallery wall is spot on!

  6. Thanks ladies! It really is a great statement piece without the creepy factor!

  7. I *just* bought some greyhound bookends from WFT. Love that shop!



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