Three lovely things

1 // I spent the weekend in Atlanta with my mom and we had a great time just us two. We slept in, ran errands, and stopped in Victory Sandwich Bar in Decatur for some Pimento Cheese with Bacon Jam and Jack n' Coke slashes and it was all just as amazing as it sounds. I loved the interior and just can't get over that green! Victory, when are you coming to Birmingham?!

2 // A few weeks ago, I stumbled across Reed Books downtown and found myself chatting it up with Mr. Jim Reed himself. As I wandered through I could feel the soul and history in this place. Mr. Reed shared with me why he does what he does and explained, "There are two kinds of people in this world; those who keep things and those who throw things away. We are an orphanage for forgotten and unwanted things. This is the people's art". As I admired an old black and white photo at the cash register, he commented, "I often get asked, "Who are these people in the photos?" and I simply explain, "She's your mother, your sister, our teacher. He's your father, my son, your friend. They are the family members of mankind!" If you've never been in, I suggest you stop by. It's such a charming place!

3 // I was greeted by this precious little face today on Facebook as I checked in with our breeder. We are counting down the days until we can bring Bruce home! Until then, we're loving the regular updates on Facebook and can't get over how much he's growing already. I mean, look at that face!

Happy Monday Tuesday! May your week be filled with lots of lovely things.

// victory sandwich bar image via creative loafing// 
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  1. I'm still drooling over your Victory trip. Seriously, it needs to come to Birmingham! PS: Bruce is so cute!

  2. It really does, it's so good! Thanks girl, we can't get enough of Mr. Bruce already!

  3. I wish Victory Sandwich Bar wasn't so far away! It sounds amazing. Reed Books is on my to visit list now. Bruce is the cutest--I die! We need to plan a time to hang out soon!

  4. Puppies!!! What a cutie :) I miss a lot of restaurants that are in Atlanta. At least the drive isn't too far to visit for a weekend! And Birmingham has come a long way with it's offerings too!



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