Resolution friendly recipes for happy healthy eating

If you read my resolutions post here, you’ll know I am trying to eat less junk and add more greens and overall healthier choices to my diet. One of the hardest things about sticking to those “eat healthy” new year’s resolutions is not having options. There’s no way I will stick to it if it lacks variety, so for me coming up with a list of healthy recipes and ideas that I actually WANT to eat is crucial. I’ve created a go-to list below to help me come up with ideas when all I can think of is junk. One thing I try to remember is to eat colorfully – you want a balance of rich colorful vegetables in your food and less of the white (bread, potatoes, fries…). The recipes in the images above are not only colorful but they also sound delicious! Follow along on my Pinterest here as I continue to gather more healthy resolution-friendly recipes and ideas. Happy healthy eating!

// Breakfast + Snack //
fruit, veggie, and kale smoothies
greek yogurt
steel cut Oatmeal
boiled egg
rye bread toast + an egg in a hole
berries + nuts

// Lunches + Dinners //
turkey roll ups with cucumbers and tatziki dip
beet salad with goat cheese and arugula
whipped cauliflower, lemon and sea salt roasted brussel sprouts, grilled chicken
roasted portabello mushroom caps with baked parmesan zucchini
tofu or chicken lettuce wraps
stuffed bell peppers
creamy mushroom soup, chili, or vegetable soup

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