Favorite photos from over the holidays

This holiday was one of the best yet. My family was all in town and we had such a great time being together! Here are a few of my favorite photos from over the holidays.

 Our pug Ruby spent most of the holiday guarding the presents, I got the most special present from my mom - the "Grace" painting just like my grandmothers, Max and I had lots of chilly hand-holding walks together, we took a family spin on the downtown ferris wheel, ate way too much delicious food, had lots of lazy day snuggles with the pugs, rang in he new year together, and even spruced up the old VW beetle. It was such a nice time full of family and fun. Hope you all had a beautiful holiday together as well! 

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  1. So happy we were all together this year! Love the pictures. Love Cindy



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