Haint blue

Have you ever noticed the beautiful blue porch ceilings in historic Southern architecture? This tradition can be traced back to more than just Southern design taste. Originating from the Gullah culture in the Low Country region of South Carolina, the soft blue green used on these porch ceilings is known as "Haint blue". Haint blue was believed to ward off "haints", the restless spirits of the dead or ghosts, who are unable to cross water. It is also believed that a haint blue porch ceiling keeps away insects and birds from nesting in the rafters. Regardless of it's purpose, generation after generation have continued the haint blue tradition. 

Using a classic haint blue porch ceiling on your home is a great way to add Southern charm and character. A few modern day paint suggestions for the haint blue look include: Benjamin Moore: Savannah Haint Blue Light; Savannah Haint Blue Dark, Ohio Haint Blue Dark, Ohio Haint Blue Light {pictured above}. Sherwin Williams: 6471 Hazel, 6505 Atmospheric, 6944 Pool Blue

For more on Haint blue visit: Southern Living Magazine, Sherwin Williams, Google Images

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  1. just beautiful! I need that to go with my bottle tree and I'll be totally safe from the evil spirits! Hmmmm let's get painting!



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