Inspirations + style from the 2014 Ikea Catalog

You know that feeling when you were a kid and the Macy's holiday catalog would come in the mail? You'd spread out on the floor, going through page by page circling all the things you want. That's how I feel when I get the Ikea catalog. Have you seen their latest? The Ikea 2014 catalog is full of trend-savy designs, all focused on creating a better life at home as part of this years theme of "All moments count". Ikea has really stepped up the look of their catalog too with sharp layouts and even a new feature called "style families" where they bring together different materials and furnishings to help inspire ways to bring these ideas and pieces into your home. Oh Ikea, you've outdone yourself! I'll take two of everything.
// the eggplant, emerald, and charcoal color palette with the persian inspired rug is unexpected yet beautiful //

// transportable carts + ladder shelves are all the rage for a stylish storage solutions //

// don't you just love that nightstand? what a great playful pop of color //

// sharp, colorful layouts draw your eye across the page //

// unlike the modern styles we've come to expect,  this "style family" spread is more traditional//

images via Ikea 2014 Catalog + film here

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