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On our recent beach vacation, one of my favorite things about the villas where we stayed was the outdoor shower. Honestly, it wasn't much more than a closed off area on the back patio but being able to strip down and shower off under the stars, with the sea breeze blowing and palm trees rustling overhead, was magical. So magical in fact that I took all my showers out there. I mean, who doesn't love to be naked outdoors? It’s so liberating!  Outdoor showers are so practical, especially at the beach to keep all that sand and sunscreen away from your shower drain, but the beach isn't the only place that outdoor showers are welcome. They are great for any location! They can be anything from a simple tub & spicket to a luxurious spa experience but regardless of budget or style, outdoor showers are a fun feature for any home. Which style is your favorite?

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