the soul of a home

“If the kitchen is the beating heart of the home, then the porch is it's soul” 
– Marcia Sherrill, Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles June 2013

I'll admit I am a little behind on my mags, but I just loved this quote. I’ve often mentioned my family’s porch and how it has become the most beloved space in our home. Thanksgiving dinners, Summer nights, and impromptu gatherings all happen on our porch and it truly is the soul of our home. These long summer days and warm summer nights call for more evenings spent on the porch with the fan whipping and the swing swaying. It's our own sort of Southern paradise. The prominence of porches in our Southern culture is nothing new, as the “Quintessentially Atlanta” article in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles points out.  The sprawling porches along the front of the house of generations past have merely evolved into back-porches. Columns, and porch swings were exchanged for built in grills, fire pits, and ceiling fans. And more recently, these porches have become full outdoor rooms, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Regardless of location or how elaborate, the spirit of the Southern porch remains the same. “Porches were magic. The family that was on its porch drew neighbors like lightening bugs. The porch was an invitation, a hug and an embrace.”  “Our children will surely put their individual stamp on the quitessential porch, but one thing is certain: they will have porches, and they, too, will unabashedly love them.”

Well said Marcia.

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