three lovely things

1 // The summer sky. Every summer has it’s share of summer storms and afternoon rain but this one in particular has had some doozies.  It seems like just about every day there is some sort of storm or flash flood warning and while it definitely has its drawbacks, it has given us some incredible skies and sunsets. Sunday for example was a gorgeous pool day and then right around 5:00, as we popped into the grocery store, you could see the storm clouds rolling in at a distance. The contrast of the crisp blue sky and the enormous white and grey storm clouds was truly beautiful. After a day of sunning at the pool, I didn't mind a rainy Sunday night on the porch one bit.

2 // speaking of dinner, Max cooked dinner for my family Sunday night and the man can cook!! He made Chicken Adobo, a dish that his mom made for him as a child and one of his favorites. This version of the recipe from Amateur Gourmet is the closest to the Thompson family’s but instead of chicken legs and thighs Max uses diced boneless skinless chicken breasts and serves it over quinoa for a healthy and hearty meal. Try it with a side of sauteed green beans. Yum!

3 //  The ‘snak shak’! Oh my goodness my heart melted when I saw this sweet little stand by the street in the Garden Hills neighborhood. It’s rare that you see lemonade stands these days and I don’t blame them. In today’s world, I doubt I would allow my children to stand by the street waving down strangers either. But it turns out the days when neighborhoods were safe and people trusted people aren't all gone. I know I know, I’m too young for the “when I was a kid..” comments but hey, it’s true.  Seeing the “snak shak” in this Atlanta neighborhood was an ode to childhood everywhere and totally heartwarming. Adorable.

Happy Monday Tuesday! May your week be filled with lots of lovely things.

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