pug love

Don't these pictures just make you smile?! I mean, what's not to love about these sweet little smooshy faces? Pugs are just the funniest little creatures. They are so loving and have the most quirky little personalities. As a child, my first dog was a pug named Otis who I adored. We were the best of friends. After Otis there was Opal who passed away a few summers ago. And now, we have our sweet Ruby and Eloise. Little moments like the ones from these pictures are just part of daily life with a pug. They always keep you laughing. I've been sick for the past few days and as miserable as I've been, snuggling up with my Ruby and Eloise has made my days a little brighter. Pug love is the best kind of medicine.

image source: pinterest

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  1. AMEN!!!! Until you've had a pug, you just don't know! It's like a having little teddy bears around! PUGLOVE!!!



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