On my radar // Galerie Matilda

Galerie Matilda is a small Contemporary Folk Art gallery in the heart of the Roswell square. The unique and colorful artwork in the window displays are beautifully welcoming and makes this a must see while in the square. Artists featured at Galerie Matilda are typically "local craftspeople and regional up-and-comers  rather than nationally recognized artists" and include names like Cornbread, Erickson Wright, Kathleen Taylor, Mike Ham, Bailey Jack, Barbara Olsen, and Jenny Friedman among others. Galerie Matilda also features art camps and live music to keep their guests inspired and coming back for more. I love folk art especially the bold and colorful interpretations of animals. The pieces below are a few of my favorites from Galerie Matilda. 

 (snapshots taken in Galerie Matilda )

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