Be rich :: do more. give more.

Be Rich is campaign of Northpoint Ministries, led by Andy Stanley, in Atlanta. Each year around this time, Northpoint Ministries launches their Be Rich campaign which offers opportunities to give time, food, gifts, and money to various non profit organizations, charities, and ministries. This campaign kicked off last week with Andy's message on how to be rich through generosity. (click here to see this message). Profits of the Be Rich campaign will go to a number of causes in our community and all around the world, and with 24 participating churches and 100% of the profits going to these causes, we have the opportunity to make an incredible impact.
Share the love and Be Rich

To learn more and get involved click here

* donations accepted through November 25th *

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  1. I love what the church is doing for so many places. And they don't keep ONE PENNY!



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