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One of my favorite go-to blogs for a good laugh is Unhappy Hipsters. It's a humorous take on the "lonely world" of modern design and architecture. The captions literally make me laugh out loud.

Another one of my favorites is Plethora for iphone. Plethora is a design inspiration gallery with amazing images of all kinds. While perusing Plethora the images below caught my attention because I instantly imagined the unhappy hipster inspired captions to go along with each. 

Hope they give you the chuckle they gave me...

Timmy had no need for childish things such as play-dates or summer camp,  he much preferred tantalizing conversation with his stuffed broccoli over imaginary tea.  

fat kids need not apply

Mary Poppins had nothing on her

images found through Plethora for iphone, captions by lauren shaw

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  1. very funny... gave me the chuckles
    this post is from Cindy.,...it will not let me add my name....



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