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"He is good. Trust in Him. Know that all is well. Say "God is good. God is good." Just leave in His Hands the present and the future, knowing only that He is good. He can bring order out of chaos, good out of evil, peace out of turmoil. God is good.

I and My Father are One. One in desire to do good. For God to do good to His children is for Him to share His goodness with them. God is good, anxious to hare His goodness, and good things, with you, and He will do this.

Trust and be not afraid."
- A.J. Russell, God Calling

A dear friend of mine shared God Calling with me when I graduated college, saying that it would help me on my life's journey as a daily devotional. Since then I have often referred to this book as a daily source of guidance and inspiration, especially in times of trouble. Some days it is just what I need to help me step back, see the big picture, and remember what it is really all about. This devotional was one of those that brought me great comfort. I wanted to share it because I'm sure that it will do the same for you.

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