pray for tuscaloosa

This past weekend, Max and I made a trip to Tuscaloosa to see long lost friends and Miranda Lambert in concert. This being our first trip since the tornado hit Tuscaloosa three months ago, we knew it wouldn't be the same Ttown we have always known, but no amount of news coverage or facebook posts could have portrayed the way it feels to see it for yourself.

As we drove into town through Cottondale, we came into the worst of the damage. Stretches of land once covered with trees, homes, and communities is now a wide open plain covered with debris. What used to be our landmark for where to turn is now nothing but a foundation slab with scattered remains of the tire store that once stood there. Rows of houses with boarded windows and x's spray painted across the front doors lined our way to The Retreat, where our friends all sat that night as their town was destroyed around them. A house with a boat in the front yard, a home with a dumpster sitting in what was once someones bedroom, and trees snapped in half are all scenes that carry the kind of sadness that cannot be captured by a story or a photograph.

As we drove through the affected areas, signs of hope shone through. A banner reading "we are coming back" at the entrance of a destroyed neighborhood and "Wait on the lord and be good, joy is here at this home" written outside of a home show the strength and hope of a town in devastation.

Tuscaloosa is part of who I am. It's part of all of us from UA. It is where we learned who we are and what we want to be. It taught us what it means to have "Tide Pride" and be a part of a tradition. Tuscaloosa helped us learn how to live away from home, how to make friends, and choose our own paths. We learned how to tailgate, drink whiskey, and act like it's the first time we've heard "Sweet Home Alabama" everytime. Now, Tuscaloosa needs our help- to rebuild and recreate the town that means so much to all of us. It is easy to forget as time goes on how much devestation remains. Still, after 3 months, Tuscaloosa is a disaster area. Don't forget! Do your part and help Tuscaloosa in whatever way you can.

Click the links below for info on what you can do to help...
purchase a t-shirt
"alabama day" at the atlanta braves game 
benefit concert in L5P in atlanta
other ways to help 

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