that's how we do it down in the South

A recent article in Garden & Gun magazine caught my attention:
"Southern Women, A New Generation of Women Who Are Redefining the Southern Belle".
 With family roots in Texas, being born and raised in Georgia, and attending school in Alabama- I am a proud Southern girl myself. Some of my favorite foods are cheese grits, collard greens, and fried green tomatoes. I say ya'll and sweetie and I love magnolias, front porches and good ole sweet tea.

Of course, there are plenty of Southern stereotypes out there but this article hits home and pinpoints the essence of a Southern woman. Below are a few of my favorite trademarks, quoted from the article, that remind me of the beautiful Southern women who raised me- my mama, my grandmother and my two aunts, and all the southern-isms they instilled in me.

"...being Southern means handwritten thank-you notes and using a rhino horn’s worth of salt in every recipe."

"Southern women are smart enough to recognize what works—Spanx, Aqua Net—and wise to the allocation of effort. Why pretend the world is something it isn’t? Southern women do not capitalize on their looks to snag men, though that often results. The reason we Southern women take care of ourselves is because, simply, Southern women are caretakers."

"Southern women listen and we talk and we laugh without apology. We are seldom shocked. Southern women like men and allow them to stay men. Southern women are not afraid to dance. Southern women know you can’t outrun your past, that manners count, and that your mother deserves a phone call every Sunday. Southern women can say more with a cut of their eyes than a whole debate club’s worth of speeches. Southern women know the value of a stiff drink, among other things. "

Well said Ms. Allison Glock and welcome back down South.

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  1. Adore this Lauren Del! So proud of you and everything you are doing. I feel privileged to have you as a best friend and to be a woman born and raised in the South. -AMM

  2. I love this post Lauren! Such great & true sayings!

  3. Makes me miss home!



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