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When it comes to furnishings, my taste is wide and varied, but one thing I always believe in is to use pieces that you find interesting. It's important to select things that speak to you for one reason or another -may it be because they are beautiful, unique or plain out strange. While perusing, these particular tables caught my eye for all these very reasons...

 love repurposed vintage pieces, like this old crate

this combination of natural driftwood and acrylic is stunning

 this is how my dad would decorate... if he decorated.

this piece has history you can see 
this would be a great piece anyways, but the fact that it glows... fab!

so tacky-fabulous! talk about a conversation piece

puzzling and beautiful all at the same time

These tables are only a few of the treasures that i discovered on Etsy, for these tables and other great finds visit

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  1. My mom is a huge fan of Etsy. I have not ventured over there cc is scared. There's are some interesting tables.



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