happy father's day dear ole dad

There are all kinds of dads in this world, mine in particular is a rare breed from Texas. As I was thinking back to my childhood, I began to realize all the wisdom and love my dad passed down to me.

Without you, dear dad... I would NOT know how to catch farts.  I would be lacking the famous witty saying, " I can't wait till tomorrow... cuz I get prettier and prettier everyday." I WOULD have left the house in my tiny jean shorts, that you so lovingly referred to as my "denim underwear".  I would have never ridden a motorcycle, or rather would have ridden one with someone who you would not have approved of.  I would not have developed my love of salsa, onions, sausage, beer and country music.  I would have walked around with splinters in my feet at the beach, and had no giant sand castle or hole to splash in.  I would not have seen the movies Waterworld, The Terminator, or Forest Gump time after time. And without you dad, I would not have my tickle- phobia from the hours and hours of tickle torture and wrestling in the living room... but turns out, you weren't just being too rough as mom always said, turns out you were teaching me, loving me, and helping me grow up to be who I am now.

Roughhousing with dad turns out to be more than just fun...Click here to watch the story from ABC News

Be sure to remember you dear ole dad today on Father's Day, and remember all those little things you wouldn't have if he hadn't been there.

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