a new meaning to mother's day

With only 9 weeks until I welcome baby boy thompson into the world, this mothers day is extra special! Ever since I was a little girl, I have longed to be a mama. I spent my childhood playing with babydolls and dreaming of having babies of my own one day. I got my love of children from my own mama who taught kindergarten for 30 years and is the most warm and loving mom to my brother and I. Now that I am pregnant, I have a whole new appreciation for motherhood and the incredible love and devotion that a mother has for her child - I can only imagine how much more I will feel once I actually hold this baby in my arms!

I am still in such awe at the whole process of pregnancy. It has been the most amazing and fascinating thing I have ever experienced and with each baby kick I know we are closer to the day when we will finally meet, me and this baby boy of mine. When we do finally welcome this baby into the world, I will begin the journey of motherhood and take on the incredible honor of raising this child. I will finally know why my mom cried when I pierced my own ear, why she wouldn't let me go to sleepovers unless she knew the parents, why she made us wear matching outfits and take endless pictures. There are so many moments from my own childhood that I reflect on, now that I am becoming a mama, with a fresh perspective. My mom always said, "one day you will understand!" and she was right. I do understand and I now see the incredibly amount of selflessness and love and devotion that motherhood requires, more than I ever could before.

To my own mama on mother's day, it is an honor to be your child. Thank you for all of the selflessness and patience, the love and care, and the lifetime of support and guidance. I am so humbled and excited to pass on the love and kindness you have shown me to my own child.
To my mother in law and my aunts and all the mamas who have loved me and helped raise me, thank you!

To all of the wonderful mamas that I work with, who have checked on me and cheered me on throughout this pregnancy, you don't know how much it means to me to hear your encouragement and have you share in my excitement. And to all my girlfriends near and far, who are new mamas or mamas to be, it has been so wonderful to be by your side as you have taken on this incredible experience of pregnancy and motherhood - thank you for making it so special and memorable for me.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mamas out there! I am so honored to join you in motherhood.

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