On My Radar // Wicker + Rattan

One of my very favorite pieces of furniture is a wicker hutch that I got off the side of the road - one of my elderly neighbors was getting rid of it and it is fabulous! Despite Max's disgust we took it home and after a quick wipe down and lysol spritz it was good as new. 

Of course rattan and wicker decor has been around for decades but this trend is having a major moment right now. You can find beautiful retro-inspired pieces at almost every retailer these days - Anthropologie, West Elm, Ikea, Target, you name it! Of course there's no place like Etsy and vintage shops to get the real deal - pieces that are actually from the 60s and 70s.

It's funny how things that are old become new again and the trends cycle on. Let it be a lessson learned - never get rid of anything that your husband says is "old and gross" because it just might be your new favorite piece! (Another lesson - "rattan" refers to the material and "wicker" is the technique. Thanks google!)

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