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A few months ago, Max’s grandmother “Nonnie” sent us the family china, a lovely, delicate pattern of silver, gray, and yellow accent leaves. Besides the fact that it’s beautiful and in excellent condition, what means the most to me is that it has been passed down through the generations. I am highly sentimental and cherish things that belonged to those that I love, regardless of their actual value. Having this beautiful china collection that has been a part of their family for so many years is so meaningful! 

As you know, I believe that your home should be livable and enjoyed. Currently, all of these beautiful pieces are stored in boxes in our guestroom and I am dying to put them out on display and actually use them. Over the weekend, on a trip to visit our family friends Sally and Larry, they surprised me with an early wedding present - a beautiful china cabinet handed down from their family to ours. How special! China, and a cabinet to display it, from some of the people we love most. The cabinet was too large for us to transport from North Georgia back to Birmingham, but I cannot wait to get it in our loft and have all of our beautiful pieces on display. Until then, here are a few china displays that have been inspiring me! 

When did I become old enough to care about china!?

white and gold china cabinet green china cabinet | lavendar china cabinet
cart china displaywooden china cabinet  | distressed gray cabinet
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