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I have a special place in my heart for small business and local startups. I would choose to eat at a mom-and-pop over a chain restaurant any day and even though I do love me some Target, I believe local businesses, coffee shops, and companies are what gives a community its charm. So when 1000 Faces, an Athens based coffee roaster, asked if I’d be interested in trying their coffee, I couldn’t wait to learn more. 1000 Faces was founded on a 30 year old's ambitions to connect people and produce good, responsible coffee as the central thread to every story.

“I was 30, had no experience with coffee, no experience running a business, and yet somehow it seemed to make perfect sense. Coffee connected everything: the land,  ecology, commerce, people, culture, trade, the kitchen, science, art...when the coffee spirit speaks to you, it's impossible to ignore." - Benjamin Myers

So a few weekends ago, on a lazy Saturday morning with nowhere to be, Max and I decided that there was no better way to spend the day than to throw all of the pillows off the couch, make a palette, and try our fancy new coffee. Bruce couldn’t agree more. We brewed a pot of the 1000 Faces Fazenda coffee, name after a premier coffee farm in Brazil from which it is sourced, and waited as the rich aroma filled our loft. According to the description, “Coffees from this region are emblematically laden with chocolate aromatics, ripe red fruits, and soothing drinkability.” Um... yes. Now I am no coffee connoisseur and my sugar and cream approach is by no means sophisticated, but I figured with a description like that, I’d give it a try sans sugar and cream. Just as I suspected, the Fazenda blend kicked my store brand coffee’s butt and now there’s no going back. Me and my trusty Mr. Coffee are sold. But even more than the delicious flavors and rich aromas, I am excited to share 1000 Faces with you because of the role they play in Athens and in the coffee community. Reading their story, their mission, and this particular blog post from one of their interns, you can tell they have a good thing going. It’s about more than coffee, or profitability - it’s about celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, cultivating their artisanal craft, and connecting to the community. We’ll be traveling to Athens this October for a little UA/UGA football action and I can’t wait to stop into 1000 Faces and really see for myself. Until then, my sample pack will have to do.

Learn more about 1000 Faces and try them for yourselves here: 1000 Faces - coffee roaster, merchant of change, and voyager of the agrarian spirit.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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  1. From your coffee loving friend- thanks for the post! great pictures too!



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